Meet Our Crew & Get Up to Date!

Hey everyone, 

Sorry for not doing an update in such a long time but we’ve been busy with pre-production work.

Like doing a blocking rehearsal for the car scenes! 


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Or having our final table read (or couch read, as was the case here)!


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Some wonderful news is that we attached our amazing DPJohn L Murphy, a couple months ago and he and I have been talking and working hard to accomplish the look we want for Summit. Check out his reel HERE!

He is incredibly talented and an awesome person. I’m excited to work with him and the rest of our fantastic crew! 

Here’s the Summit team in full: 

Christina Raia: Director, Writer, Producer

John L Murphy: Director of Photography/Cinematographer

Matt Gershowitz: Assistant Director, Associate Producer, Editor

Paris Powe: Production Manager

Christopher Carroll: Associate Producer, Art Director, Photographer

Charlotte Simpson: Gaffer

Peter Westervelt: 1st Assistant Camera

Erin Clayton: 2nd Assistant Camera

Adnan Malik: Key Grip

Colin Petty: Sound Mixer, Boom Operator

Kelsey Rauber: Script Supervisor

Andrew Bradley: Production Assistant, Driver, Craft Service

Jesse Rodriguez: BTS Videographer, PA


Our actors are an integral part of the team as well and have been a huge asset in pre-production:

Lauren Ashleigh: Jesse, Associate Producer

Rob Ceriello: Sean

Emma Barrett: Sarah

Ricardo Manigat: James

Ryan Kramer: Will, Associate Producer


And, of course, our essential off set helpers:

Marlene Mungalsingh: Associate Producer, Caterer (& best mom ever)

Natasha Singh: Caterer 

Justin Petrillo: Associate Producer

Gabriela Bararata: Production Assistant


Also, some updates on pre-production:

-We’re aiming to shoot on the Canon C300 but our budget can’t completely afford it, especially in terms of the lenses we need. If anyone owns a Canon C300 or Zeiss prime lenses and is seriously interested in working with us on the rental price, I’m offering an Associate Producer credit to that generous individual. So send us a message if you’re that person!

-We’ve also taken multiple trips up to our shooting location in Lenox, MA and John and I have been working on the shotlist. We’re so excited about the artistic choices we’ve made!

-ParisMatt, and I are working on finding one other location needed within Lenox, casting our final supporting role in the film, and finalizing some other key logistics.

Then comes the part where we’re just dishing out the money for everything we need. So don’t forget, if you’d like to receive any of our Kickstarter rewards, we’re still accepting pledges through our How To Support Page!

-Our production dates are January 19th - February 3rd! We’ll all be living and breathing Summit during that time; and Chris and Gabby will do their best to capture every moment behind the scenes so that we can share it all with you during and after production! 

-Also, for you big backers, our wrap party is February 8th! Save the date! We’ll have details at the beginning of next year! 

That’s all for now. But we’ll be keeping you updated as much as we can as we get closer to production. Thanks again for all the support! Enjoy the holidays!