Meet The Cast- Ricardo Manigat

Check out our second Meet the Cast video, featuring Ricardo Manigat! Ricardo, playing James, was the third actor to be cast in the film. I had a feeling that he was right for the role before I auditioned him. He’s a fairly new actor and I couldn’t find any of his work online. But I found a behind the scenes video of a project he was working on and I just loved his vibe and charisma. I could tell that he was a great guy and that my crew and cast would enjoy working with him. During his audition, he gave a great performance and  had perfect chemistry with Ryan, who’s playing Will, James’ best friend. I decided to cast Ricardo pretty much right away because I knew he was talented and would be the right fit for the role. I cannot wait to work with him on Summit! Check out what he has to say about the film and his character.


Ricardo is an up and coming actor from Baldwin, New York. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Baldwin, Ricardo attended Baldwin senior high school where he flourished in sports. He then attended Gettysburg College for four years as a theater arts major. His passion for acting came in his last year of college when given the opportunity to play the lead role in a student production of A Raisin in the Sun. From that point on his desire and drive to be great has led him to continue his studies as an actor in order to master his craft. He dreams of one day winning an Oscar and being able to relieve his parents from paying bills.