Update #14: Meet The Cast- Emma Barrett

Check out our third Meet the Cast video, featuring Emma Barrett! I first met Emma when holding auditions for my short film, Come Here Often?, last May. I instantly liked her just from that audition. She had an awesome vibe and gave a great performance. After shooting that film, I knew I wanted to work with her again. She’s a great actress and such a fun person to be around. I’ve casted her in a few of my comedic films since then but I wanted to work with her again on a larger scale and give her more material to work with. So, once I got the idea for Summit, I decided to write a role with her in mind. I auditioned her but more out of curiosity than neccessity. I knew I was casting her and she knew the role was hers. Regardless, her audition was brilliant and I was positive that she would be a wonderful Sarah. I’m so looking forward to working on our first feature together! Hear what she has to say about Summit!


Emma is a very talented performer. Originally from Australia, she traveled the world working as a dancer/singer and ended up dancing in Paris at the world-famous Moulin Rouge. She trained at David Mamet’s Atlantic Acting School. She is now living in New York City and acting in independent films. Emma has worked with Christina on multiple projects before. She is very excited to work with her again on Summit! backstage.com/emmabarrett

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