Meet The Cast- Ryan Kramer

Check out our fourth Meet the Cast video, featuring Ryan Kramer! I first met Ryan three years ago in a screenwriting class. We didn’t really become friends then but I remember liking his writing style and thinking he was one of the more talented members of the class. We then had a Writing for TV class together where we had occasional conversations but, again, didn’t really become friends. But a year and a half ago we were in an analytical film course where we sat next to each other. We started talking and gradually formed a friendship. I wrote a short screenplay and shared it with him; he loved it and mentioned wanting to help with production. I asked him to be my Assistant Director and that was how we first ended up working together (on Come Here Often?). Since then we have written together and assisted on each other’s projects. We’re now great friends, roommates, and co-workers. When he first read Summit, he unexpectedly expressed an interested in playing the character Will. He wanted to be Assistant Director but also wouldn’t stop going on about how he could totally see himself as Will. So, the day I auditioned Emma for Sarah, I told him to stand up and audition for Will as well. I was impressed with the emotion behind his portrayal. And, although I was initially hesitant to lose my right-hand man Assistant Director, I knew casting him was the right choice because he brings such passion to the role. I’m excited to work with him in this new way and see him play Will. Check out what he has to say about the film!


Ryan Kramer is originally from Long Island and now lives in the Queens area. He has been in New York his whole life. He first realized his interest in film when he discovered intricate parts of his past dealing with his adoption, which lead to shows like Oprah and the Lifetime Network taking interest in his family’s court case. Ryan is now predominantly a writer and director, and was going to be an assistant director for Summit until he realized that he connected with the character of Will so much so that he wanted to audition. Ryan’s interest in acting has grown throughout the years and he has taken classes at Hunter College with professors who have taught people like Vin Diesel. He looks forward to making his feature film debut in Summit.