Meet The Cast - Rob Ceriello

This is our fifth and final Meet the Cast video featuring Rob Ceriello. To be completely honest about why I held off on casting Sean until after Kickstarter, it’s because I originally wanted to pursue a semi-famous actor for the role. Having a recognizable actor/name always helps films out at festivals. But I didn’t want to sacrifice the integrity of my project by just pursuing anyone recognizable who was age appropriate and gettable. I spent quite a while searching and finding one actor who I felt would do the role justice and was attainable. But, almost as if I wasn’t meant to pursue him, the very day that I decided to call up his agent and make a “come-back” pitch, it was announced that he was cast in a Hollywood produced horror film.

But, as my mom likes to tell me when things don’t go completely as planned, everything happens for a reason. I truly believe the reason this actor didn’t work out was so that I would post a casting ad and find Rob. I knew there had to be an independent actor out there that would be the right fit for the role and give me that same feeling in my gut that I got with Lauren and Ricardo. We auditioned a lot of actors for the role and a lot were rather discouraging. But one in particular really stood out, Rob. When he auditioned, he just fit. He was exactly what I was looking for in Sean. He vibed really well with the cast and had amazing chemistry with Lauren, playing Jesse, his girlfriend. What was initially a disappointing setback turned out to be the best thing for the film. I’m only just getting to know Rob but he seems like a great guy and he’s definitely a great actor. He is very passionate about portraying Sean and I cannot wait to start working with him and my other four amazing cast members on Summit


Rob is an aspiring actor from Farmingdale, NY. Although he grew up wanting to be actor, he didn’t actively pursue it until his last few years of college. In his junior year, he was cast in his first film, a feature-length psychological thriller which he shot for every weekend for six months. Shortly after, Rob focused on theater, spending three years playing roles in back-to-back regional theater productions in Connecticut and New York, honing his skill as an actor and performer. In the fall of 2011, Rob decided he wanted to begin working on films again and since then has completed production on two feature films and three short films. Rob was excited when asked to join the cast of “Summit” and looks forward to working with the cast and crew.