Auditioning for Sean

Hey everyone,

We did another round of auditions on Thursday, the 28th, and I really enjoyed the performance of one actor. I had a good feeling about him based on a preliminary video audition I had everyone do. We got such a huge response for the part of Sean but so many actors were, well, bad. So I decided it would be best for the 2nd time around to weed out the truly terrible ones before scheduling auditions. Anyway, I had a feeling about him & he proved me right. He was just what I had in mind for Sean (though slightly taller than my ideal).

I’m having callbacks this week and I feel like this guy is it. It all depends on his emotional ability. I’m looking for some sincere raw emotion. Sean’s that typical alpha male jerk in a horror movie on the surface but he’s got a vulnerable side too and I need to know the actor playing Sean is as versatile and talented as the rest of my cast! Fingers crossed he’s got the acting chops for this role. My gut says he does :)

I’ll keep you all updated on the casting.


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