Update #2: Be part of our Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks so much for the support so far! In addition to spreading the kickstarter link around the internet, we’re also trying to spread word about the film and the campaign as much as possible in the real world as well. One way is by posting this flyer anywhere and everywhere. If you’d like to participate in our flyer campaign, please print some and post them up in your local movie theater, your school, your office, or your community center! If you see a bulletin board, find the perfect spot and pin up the flyer! Hopefully we’ll grab the attention of some people who would not find the link for the page otherwise!

Some really cool updates are coming next week including Meet the Cast videos and behind the scenes photos and videos from the trailer shoot and location scout. So check back soon! And please keep spreading the word. Thanks!

(Flyer Design by artist Sophia Dang)

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/christ...