CongestedCat is Casting

Currently seeking two non-union male leads (20s) for the short film, 'FedUp'

Writer/Director: Ryan Kramer 

PREMISE: Two friends are constantly woken in the early morning to their new roommates deliveries that get more and more out of hand.

Character Descriptions:

PATRICK: The eccentric and silly pothead of the two. He can be endearing and lovable even when he's saying something that has no substance to it. Think James Franco in Pineapple Express.

BRENDAN: The straightforward, well organized gay roommate. He has a 9-5 job and knows where he's going in life. He's good at being sarcastic and giving the deadpan look. Think a male version of Aubrey Plaza.

All inquiries to be sent

Please include your resume, headshot, reel footage, etc. Unpaid. Expenses covered & IMDb credit guaranteed. Production 2 days at the end of March.