CongestedCat is Casting

Casting Non-Union Actors for Multiple Upcoming Projects Listed Below:

  • "We Had Plans"

Director: Christina Raia  Writer: Kelsey Rauber


Diana & Liz are two adult sisters who love and respect each other more than anyone else in the world. But their future plans are tested upon receiving news.


DIANA, late 20s-late 30s, the older sister who has grown up taking care of her younger sister. But roles shifted a little upon the realization that Diana cannot have kids. She is a little quirky and slightly needy. Also, a lesbian. Prefer Hispanic or South Asian. But open to other ethnicities.

LIZ, mid 20s - mid 30s, the younger sister who feels both an honored sense of duty as well as resentful obligation to fulfill her sister's expectations. Feels dissatisfied with her current boyfriend. A little bit edgy or trendy. Prefer Hispanic or South Asian. But open to other ethnicities.

*Production will happen over 1 day in June (additional details upon callbacks).

  • "Not Our Livingroom"

Director: Christina Raia  Writer: Kelsey Rauber


Two brothers get ready for their parents' anniversary party, but quickly realize something is very wrong with their environment when they try to leave the room.


CHRIS: 22-28 age range, he's fun loving and easy going. The younger, more carefree brother. He jogs, so is in pretty good shape. The actor playing the other brother (JAKE) is caucasian. Ideally, Chris would be mixed race because we want them to be half-siblings & reflect diversity. But caucasian actors should definitely apply as well.

*Other role has been cast. Production will happen over 1 day in June (additional details upon callbacks).

  • "ENOUGH" 

Writer/Director: Christina Raia


The lives of three women collide in one night when two of them decide to rob a house the other is house sitting. 


SANDRA: Mid/Late-20s, Hispanic. Does not come from money or a nice neighborhood. She's aggressive when need be, and can appear hotheaded when pissed off, but is actually quite calm and collected. She is uncomfortable being vulnerable around people and puts on a tough exterior, but she's more than just her outward appearance implies. She has a take charge and do what needs to be done attitude and does what's necessary to provide for her young daughter. 

*All other roles have been cast. Production will happen on location over 2 days in September (additional details upon callbacks).

All inquiries to be sent to:

 Please include headshot, resume and reel footage for all roles. $50 per day + Expenses Covered for each role. IMDb credit & Copy guaranteed. Films will be submitted to festivals.