Christina & Kelsey hold auditions for "Kelsey"

While Christina and I were casting for "Kelsey" back in April, I was very single, which sometimes translates into above average crazy for me, which can lead to a blurred sense of boundaries (such as asking inappropriate questions). This lead to a lot of jokes between the two of us about what it would be like if I was totally overly sexualizing the situation, trying to get a date wherever I could, and Christina being a little too much of an apathetic psychiatrist. So she pitched the idea that we take that scenario and improvise a satirical video. 



It was a silly idea that resulted in a fun shoot, just the two of us and a camera, that we had a hard time not laughing at while doing. Of course, both Christina and I, having been so used to being behind the lens, combined with treating the video as just a fun, casual experience, failed to pay attention to what our appearances would be like on camera. Neither of us thought about make up, hair, wardrobe or, in my case, 'skinny angles,' which just could not be found (I mean, seriously!). So maybe think of it as a celebrities without makeup kinda thing, except we’re not celebrities and catching us with makeup is actually much more rare than without.

By the end of it, we were both pretty convinced of our poor acting skills. But it was great fun, nonetheless. Also, just throwing this out there, I am still (or rather again) single and this video is literally my worst (I feel like I was definitely sick, or hung over or something...), so if you could see the two of us together (and you being a super sexy lesbian), then please, by all means, reach out.

But in all seriousness, I hope even if you're not the above, you'll enjoy our slightly self-indulgent faux capture of auditioning for “Kelsey.” There will be additional, hopefully more visually appealing, videos of us together that will follow.

Until then, enjoy!