Lauren's Reel (Seed&Spark Update 4)

Just thought you'd all like to see Lauren A. Kennedy's reel, since she'll be playing Liz in "We Had Plans." She's incredibly talented, and I believe your faith in this project will only increase after seeing what she's made of! Also, the first 2 projects in her reel are my projects ('Kelsey' & Summit)!

By the way, she's also a reel editor. If you need a reel of your own, contact her here

Also, an update for today, Kelsey was invited to write a piece for She chose a topic that woud shed some light onto why "We Had Plans" is so important to her and should be for an audience as well. Give it a read!

Tweet of the day: Support 2 #feminist films by @craia9 & @aspirethis: 2 shorts about siblings & loss that challenge gender roles: 

Let's hit 25% today! Thanks for all your support!