Upcoming Press (Seed&Spark Update 3)

Good afternoon wonderful supporters,

We're 16% funded and aiming to hit 20% today! 2pm started off day 11, so the clock is ticking. Statistically, projects that reach 30% somewhat early will succeed; at least that was the case when I crowdfunded for my feature film Summit 2 years ago on Kickstarter. I'm not sure how much that still holds true or especially here on Seed&Spark, with the loan feature being an innovative & invaluable new tool. But I suppose at the end of the day, what the 30% rule says is that there are people who believe in you and want you to succeed from the get go of your campaign. So for newbies coming on our page, seeing that we've hit 30% establishes faith in us and our project before they even watch our pitch or read our story. This is why, the sooner we get to $6,000 of our goal, the better it'll be for us in making that goal. So please keep spreading the word & sharing because we couldn't do it without you!

Tweet of the day: Support @CongestedCat Shorts. 2 character-driven films about siblings & loss from the creators of @KelseyTheSeries: http://goo.gl/prReoi

Honestly, I'd love to get to 50 by 50: 50% by halfway through the campaign (day 15). However, I know with Summit, while I did hit 30% somewhat quickly, I didn't hit 50% until 3/4 of the way through the campaign. It was a scary run at the end there because I wasn't positive I'd make it, but knew I wouldn't accept not making it. Then a bunch of miracles happened in the last few days in the way of incredible people coming in and contributing rapidly and enthusiastically to take us to the finish line. So it's hard to predict how quickly we'll get to our goal with this campaign. All I know is that we will get there because we're working hard, we believe in what we're doing and we have amazing people like you behind us.

We released some more of our thank you cat memes & personalized thank you songs today. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page & Twitter to see them all. Here's the latest example:

Also, NY Cine Radio mentioned us in their latest episode Tuesday night. Kelsey & I will be guest starring on the show on Tuesday, July 1st. I was first on their show 2 years ago when I was funding Summit. Then again about a year ago to talk about what production for the film was like & to plug IndieWorks, our monthly film screening series, and "Kelsey," which we had only just started shooting at the time. I always have a ton of fun on the show with Ken, Tom & Dave . I'm very excited to be invited back & to get to bring Kelsey with me this time.

Lastly, Kelsey and I will be guests on Monday's episode of Us Vs. Film Podcast. We'll share the episode after it's released, but feel free to tune in Monday once it goes live.

Thanks again for supporting us!