We've Cast Diana! (Seed&Spark Update 6)

Good morning amazing Supporters,

Big news today, we've cast the other sister, Diana, in "We Had Plans." Her name is Gwen Albers. I first met Gwen at our IndieWorks screening last August. Or actually, my mom met her (because my mom's awesome and comes to every single IndieWorks) and apparently talked me up because Gwen felt compelled to send me an email the following day about how much she enjoyed the event (and talking with my mom) and would like to get together sometime to chat film. She and I stayed in touch after that and, back in November, the CongestedCat team & I screened a film that she starred in at IndieWorks. Over the next few months, I was sure I wanted to work with her but was just waiting for the right opportunity to do so. I ended up writing a script, that I plan to shoot later this year, with her in mind for one of the three lead roles. (Lauren is going to be in that film as well. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, when I find a talented actor I enjoy working with, I make it a point to keep casting them.)

However, when we started casting for Diana in "We Had Plans," I had not considered Gwen for the role until I met up with her again and it occurred to me that she & Lauren could pass for sisters, especially with Lauren's hair being redder (i.e. in "Kelsey"). I asked Gwen to read for the role, really only out of concern for her ability to pull off an American accent (she's from Holland) because I already knew she's an incredible actor & would fully embody the character. So, long story short(ish), she was brilliant, we offered her the role & she excitedly accepted and is now joining our cast. Want to know more about her? Visit her site: http://www.gwenalbers.com/

Here's a super short sneak peek of Gwen reading with Lauren from "We Had Plans."

Just a reminder, we are still auditioning for Chris in "Not Our Living Room." If you know anyone who might be the right fit, please do send him our way. Character info is on our Cast & Crew page here on Seed&Spark. 

We're so close to 25% funded & it's amazing! We could not be here if it weren't for all of you, so truly thank you! We hope to keep the ball rolling and hit 30% today.

Tweet of the day: From the creators of @KelseyTheSeries comes 2 thought provoking films with relatable characters & themes: http://goo.gl/prReoi.#indiefilm