We're Fundraising Again! (Kickstarter Backer Update)

Hello wonderful backers,

I'm updating to let you know that my team and I at CongestedCat Productions are crowdfunding for new projects. While Summit has been in post-production this past year, I've continued building my body of work. My most notable project aside fromSummit is my web series 'Kelsey' that I created with CongestedCat member Kelsey Rauber. It received much acclaim online and now has over a quarter million views. You can watch it without ads here, if you'd like. Kelsey and I decided to collaborate again on 2 new shorts films that we're now funding for on a new site called Seed&Spark:  http://www.seedandspark.com/studio/congestedcat-shorts. I chose this new site over Kickstarter because I feel that Kickstarter has become a little over saturated with name producers & directors (e.g. Zach Braff) funding for big money. I also love that Seed&Spark is exclusively for independent film and is a distribution platform that allows projects to come full circle and be streamed on their site.

If you looked at the campaign, you may be wondering why I was able to fund an entire feature film on $12,000 but am trying to raise $20,000 for two short films. The biggest budgetary difference is that everyone volunteered their time and work for Summit. They knew that I didn't have the funding or network at that time to have a budget for pay. I'm so grateful to them for that and have made it my life mission to get their hard work seen by an audience. However, due to our success with the web series, Kelsey and I felt that we could raise enough money to not only make the films but also pay the cast & crew. So, to be completely honest, a big motivating factor for me wanting to make these films is that I'll finally be able to give paying work to the crew that has stood by me and worked on not just Summit but also 'Kelsey' for no pay.

But in order to raise the money, I, again, need to reach out to everyone in my network and try to convince them to reach out to everyone in their networks and try to get everyone to contribute if they're able to because that's the only way these films will get made. Word of mouth means everything in crowdfunding, but taking action is what really gets success. Having now thrown myself back into the world of crowdfunding, I'm remembering how much the bystander effect holds true with these things. People 'like' statuses and maybe share a link here or there, but assume they don't have to step in because others will. They don't have to pull out their credit cards and be the ones to contribute because others will. But if everyone thinks that way, then no one steps in. 

However, you all did, for Summit, and I'm forever grateful for that. If you can't give again, I completely understand. Maybe you can convince someone you know to, though? Or maybe you're of the means to do both? Maybe these films interest you enough to want to see them get made and not just as a passive viewer but as someone who had a hand in making them? As is the case with Summit, supporters of these shorts would not only be donating, theyd be investing in something they'll become part of and receive copies of in the end. It's really a purchase of an item you want wrapped in a good deed. At least that's how I always think of it, as I myself have backed over 40 campaigns.

So if you're at all interested in helping us out, finding out more about the short films, or you're a fan of CongestedCat and the content we've been putting out, please click the link and become part of our team even more:http://www.seedandspark.com/studio/congestedcat-shorts. And just one last note, if you're a fellow indie filmmaker reading this, one other thing that makes Seed&Spark different from Kickstarter is that is allows loans of equipment rather than just cash donations. So if you own a Canon c300, for instance, and are willing to let us borrow it for our shooting dates, then that will go towards the equivalent rental cost in our overall budget goal. So please do keep that in mind when looking through our Wishlistbecause that's how we no-budget filmmakers can continue to support each other when our pockets are empty but our hearts are full.

Thanks for you time. As for Summit, I do have an update coming in a few weeks about the completion of our Visual Effects & the talent of a Mr. Matt Gershowitz! I wont say much because, as usual, I've already said a lot. But here's a Before & After tease:





If you'd like to know more about the short films before clicking the Seed&Spark link

"We Had Plans"

Diana, casually dating women and kind of lonely, and Liz, currently in a longterm relationship with boyfriend Dylan, are two adult sisters who love and respect each other more than anyone else in the world. But their future plans are tested upon receiving news. (Lauren A. Kennedy, who played Jesse in Summit is playing Liz.)

"Not Our Living Room"

Jake, more responsible & cautious older brother to Chris, carefree go-getter, are getting ready for their moms' anniversary dinner. But things take an ominous turn when they try to leave the livingroom. (Rob Ceriello, who played Sean in Summit is playing Jake.)

Mission Statement:

The films are companion pieces about siblings and loss. One is about 2 brothers (whose moms are lesbians) and the other, two sisters, one of whom is a lesbian. We aim to advance the reach and accessibility of LGBT characters by presenting them in everyday situations that are universal and relatable to anyone. We portray people as people; and expect our audience to look at them that way, and relate to them on an emotional level. We don't do caricatures or stereotypes. If this is something you can get behind, then join us in making these films by contributing to our campaign.