CongestedCat is Casting

  • "ENOUGH" 

Writer/Director: Christina Raia


The lives of three women collide in one night when two of them decide to rob the home that the other is house sitting. 


SANDRA: Mid 20s, American but ethnically Hispanic/Latino. Think an early Michelle Rodriguez type. Does not come from money or a nice neighborhood. She's aggressive when need be, and can appear hotheaded when pissed off, but is actually quite calm and collected. She is uncomfortable being vulnerable around people and puts on a tough exterior, but she's more than just her outward appearance implies. She has a take charge and do what needs to be done attitude. A young single mom, though this is just alluded to, never seen.

*Production will happen on location over 1 weekend in April 2015 on Long Island. Blocking rehearsal(s) along with table read and potential promo video days in February & March. 

$100 flat plus copy, IMDb credit, meals, transportation & housing provided. Film will be submitted to top tier shorts festivals.

All submissions & inquiries to be sent to:

 Please include headshot, resume and reel footage. Will initially request a video audition before callbacks with the already cast actresses.