The Final Push

Good morning extraordinary Supporters, 

We have 2 hours left to push this campaign to fully funded! Ends at 2pm EST.

Making over $2,000 in 2 hours is definitely unlikely, but it's not impossible! At this moment, we're 89% funded and only $45 away from $18,000! So Kelsey & I are going to try to make these last couple hours matter because the more we can raise, the better these films will be.

It also happens to be my 25th birthday today, so I'm hoping that'll give us a little bit of a boost in generating traffic to our campaign before it ends. Regardless of whether or not we hit 100% though, we got the Green Light & made above the minimum we set in order to make these films, and that's an accomplishment. Thank you again for that! I'll not only be celebrating my birthday tonight, I'll be celebrating the success of this campaign, the fact that we now have 137 new members of our team, and that these films will be made; and not just made but made well and with artistic abundance and ethical integrity! 

Tweet of the Day: 2 hours left for @CongestedCat #crowdfunding on @seedandspark! Not too late to #SupportIndieFilm & #WomenInFilm:

By the way, thanks to recent press, we were able to create IMDb pages for the films HERE & HERE. The cast, crew & synopsis info should start filling in over the next week. 

One last thought, I noticed that while we have 137 Supporters, we have 161 Followers. If you 24 Followers joined our team at just $10 each, we'd get to 92%. You could take another step in the Fair Trade Filmmaking movement, as Seed&Spark says, and become part of the making of these films! Even if you don't though, we appreciate that you'll be watching our progress & hopefully cheering us on.

All the best,