Our Director of Photography's Reel (Seed&Spark Update 19)

Just a quick update to share our DP's new reel. Peter Westervelt was our DP for "Kelsey," and at the time of the campaign our series was his latest visible work online. He just put together a reel this week featuring some new stuff he's shot over the last few months. Check it out & get a feel for his talent: 

00:37 to 00:55 and 01:51 to 01:59 is actually footage from my latest short "Juice It," a comedy we shot on no budget last August. It was recently invited to screen at the 8th Annual HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series this Fall. I haven't heard back from other festivals yet, but fingers crossed for acceptances! I can't wait to share it with you all when it starts having screenings and/or goes public online. 

Next update should be Adam's Meet the Cast video next week. Enjoy the rest of your week!