Shooting Summit - Day 13

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January 30th, 2013

The biggest downside of having to use two houses for me as a director was having to shoot the film out of order and go back to the beginning of the movie when we were nearing the end of the shoot. I really wanted to shoot in order as much as possible to really capture the emotional state of the characters, but I couldn’t have that, so I had to make the best of it. In the end, it actually ended up being a blessing in disguise because the temperature stayed in the 30’s and rain had come the night before, washing almost all the snow away. If I had shot the film in order, these last few days would have been devoted to the ending, which I desperately needed snow on the ground for during the exteriors. Luckily, we had already gotten all that done. One thing had magically worked out for me. Or I suppose, if I look at the glass half full, a lot of things magically worked out for me because production could have seriously been catastrophic beyond just a production standpoint, and thankfully it never was. 

We started the day off with daylight shots by the fire. The footage looks great. The day went very smoothly. We then transitioned to night scenes by the fire. The scenes we shot then were some of my favorites. We wanted it to appear as if only the fireplace was lighting the room so we had the fire going but also used a china ball and flicker box.

It was awesome. I was especially excited about this scene because one of the very first things I talked about with John back in pre-production was that I wanted to shoot close-ups of the characters on wide lenses (something I had gotten from a discussion about Rosemary’s Baby back in Film Production 1 my Sophomore year of college). I couldn’t wait to see how that turned out.

Seeing the film as a whole now, that aesthetic worked so well. It’s maybe my second favorite scene in the film.

What was sad about the end of this day was that Kelsey, Erin and Adnan had to leave production early. Kelsey’s mother had planned an impromptu visit on the 31st, Adnan had to go back because his classes were starting, and Erin’s sister’s baby-shower was the next day. It was a bit of a blow to John’s productivity because he was losing his 2nd AC and grip, but Andrew had been paying attention to what Adnan had been doing and stepped in as his replacement. I felt like I was losing my rock. I was sad to see Kelsey go, but we said our goodbyes and then continued shooting until around 9pm. What was nice about shooting inside the house was that things didn’t need to be brought in at the end of long shoots. They just had to be stored safely, but generally left where we were using them. We all hit the hay with plans for early shooting the next day.