Shooting Summit - Day 14

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January 31, 2013

Today we had a lot to accomplish. I can’t talk about the context of the morning stuff, except to say that it was intense and all looked really good. What made daylight setups nice in the house was that we were just working with natural light coming through the windows and didn’t have to combat the sun at all. We lost daylight before we could finish what we wanted for the day, so we pushed the rest until the next day and quickly got ready for the night scenes, a lot of night scenes. We were shooting the initial search of the house that the characters do when they first get there. It required us to move from room to room, changing the lights for each one as we went along. It was a long night. We had been on a fairly regular schedule of working 12-14 hours and sleeping around 7-8 (or at least most people had. I was glued to my director's book cutting, rearranging and reviewing shots.) Tonight was going a little later, as we went through at least 10 pages the whole day. We felt exhausted but accomplished. 

I tried opening doors and windows in the house in order to let the cold in. I wanted to replicate the visible breath from the actors that they carried in the exterior scenes. It wasn’t working well enough, and I didn’t want to bring back the memories of the cold on our 2nd to last day and piss everyone off. So I gave up on that. That’s a little disappointing.

The more annoying thing that night was melted ice dripping onto the camera when we pulled the camera out of the doorway to get a wide shot of the living room. Luckily, the camera was fine, but the monitor stopped working. Insurance covered most of it, though I still ended up with a $500 premium. What sucked most about it though was that John and Peter needed to take my monitor, leaving me hovering over their shoulders for the rest of the night and the following day in order to see the frame. However, I’m thankful nothing like that happened sooner because I could have been completely monitor-less at a much more inconvenient time, like during the driving scenes.

Overall, it was a very successful day and night. I was more exhausted than ever but not because the days inside were more taxing than the earlier ones, just that the past 13 days were taking their toll.

We wrapped at around 3am and made plans to finish up with daylight and jump into the final night scenes, starting at 11am.