CongestedCat is Casting


Writer/Director: Ryan Kramer


A young girl finds herself in a dangerous predicament as a monster appears to haunt her from the very pages of her own book. (15 minute short)


HALEY: (Lead) 8-14 yrs old (ideally looks younger), any ethnicity. Strong-willed, rough around the edges little girl who is going through serious emotional and physical distress; her imagination is her way of escaping the real issues she faces in the film.

Peter: (Supporting) 10-16 yrs old (older than Haley but still reads as a child), any ethnicity. The "boy beyond the trees"; the character Hayley needs to meet with in her plight to escape the monster who is haunting her; he leads Hayley to Magic Mountain, so he is very knowledgable of the universe she is entering; speaks well past his years; he is a twenty-something caught in a young person's body. 

*Will cast Haley's parents after Haley has been cast.

Production will happen over 3 to 5 days in July 2016 in Monroe, NY and possibly another TBD location. Blocking rehearsal(s) and potential promo video days in the Spring included in commitment. 

$100 flat plus copy, IMDb credit, meals, transportation & housing (including for guardians) provided. Film will be submitted to festivals.

All submissions & inquiries to be sent to:

 Please include headshot, resume and any possible footage. Will initially request a video audition before callbacks.