The Shorts are Almost Complete! (Supporter Update)

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates. Kelsey & I have been super busy in post-production, on top of some other exciting happenings. 

The most exciting is that "We Had Plans" is finished! Footage has been colored, sound has been mixed and the film has been submitted to its first few festivals!  

As far as that film goes, we just have to sit and wait for a few months. The earliest we'll hear back is May. However, we aim to share both films with you, our amazing supporters, as soon as both are finished. 


Speaking of both, we achieved picture lock on "Not Our Living Room" yesterday! We're now moving into color and sound mix. As you know, this film's more on the surreal side, so we have a bit more work to do in terms of graphics and sound design. It's going to be a fun, but potentially lengthy process. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we make progress. 

Also, we're planning to release teasers for both films next month. You'll be the first ones to see them for sure, don't worry!  

In other news, we sent out the 'Kelsey' Fan Rewards. If you didn't get yours, please send us a message. I'll be sending my feature film, Summit, to eligible $100+ supporters next month. Please fill out the survey and let me know you want to watch it if you have not yet done so.

Speaking of Summit, I wrote an article featuring 5 lessons learned from shooting it for the Seed&Spark blog: Shooting a No-budget Feature in Winter Weather. It's a short companion piece to a series of 15 posts I did on our CongestedCat blog last month titled #ShootingSummit. Feel free to check it out. I've gotten incredibly wonderful feedback on it, particularly from fellow filmmakers. 

Also, my last short, "Juice It," shot after 'Kelsey' in 2013, is screening next month at the Queens World Film Festival, in April at the HollyShorts Screening Series and in May at the DAMN Film Series. I'm waiting to hear back from one more local festival before finally putting that film online.  

Lastly, Kelsey & I have some new collaborations coming in this new year! Nothing we can talk about just yet, but definitely know that we're being creative & working hard. More on that soon! 

Thanks for your support, patience and continued interest in our projects,