CongestedCat is Casting

Casting Non-Union Actors for Upcoming Comedic Feature Film:


An ensemble comedy about a couple, their 3 adult children and a donkey. 

DirectorChristina Raia  WriterKelsey Rauber


ANN, late 50s, Caucasian. Stereotypical midwestern housewife who has been battling depression for what seems like a lifetime. She isn’t skinny due to her fluctuating appetite and the occasional sugar-only diet. When in a good mood, the best person to be around - when down, a self-pitying monster. 

TIM, late 50s - 60s, Caucasian. What you visualize when you hear midwestern retiree. He grew up on a farm and his style lets you know that farm-life was the American dream he strived for. He’s quiet, thoughtful, and lately feeling pretty empty. 

BURGH, 30s, Caucasian. Curious case of attractive while not being able to pinpoint why. He enjoys wearing bright colors which accentuate his non-ideal bodyweight. His smile is warm and kind. He has commitment issues, but isn’t dishonest or disloyal.

FARRAH, late 70s - 80s, Caucasian. Clings on to her peace and love days, where drugs were fun and AIDS was not yet in existence. She’s got that wisdom that comes from getting older and a frugal trait that comes from never relying on a significant other to fulfill financial security. 

JORDAN, late 20s - 30s, South Asian. Has a very deep care for the elderly and those in need. She recently moved to the area for a change in her life and is currently working at Farrah's nursing home. She's also Cecilia's potential love interest. (The character was originally written as being from Britain, but American is completely fine if accent isn't doable.)

CASSIE, late 20s - mid 30s, East Asian. A winner through-and-through. She’s not quite sure what losing feels like, but it sounds like the worst. A little overzealous and overconfident but often the smartest person in the room. She's a politician. And she's dating Burgh.

POLICE OFFICER, 20s - 30s, Latino or Middle Eastern Male. A bit dry but friendly. 

POLICE OFFICER, late 20s - 30s, Black Female. Stoic.

*Production will happen in March 2017 (additional details upon callbacks). 

All inquiries to be sent to:

 Please include headshot, resume and reel footage for all roles. Lo Pay + Expenses Covered for each role. IMDb credit & Copy guaranteed. Film will be submitted to festivals & achieve VOD distribution .