CongestedCat is Casting!

  • "ARM BAR" 

Writer/Director: Ryan Kramer


A young girl who's an aspiring MMA fighter has some business to attend to with the local boxing gym owner, Ric.

Short (approx. 12-15 min)


MARLENY: (Lead) 18-25 yrs old (ideally looks younger), Hispanic. A clever, slick-talking teenager who has a knack for taking people down a peg or two, whether it's by words or physical force.

T: (Supporting) 18-25 yrs old, Hispanic/African American/Etnically Ambiguous. T is Marleny's best friend and complete opposite. She's stylish, sassy and mainly concerned with her high school image, but she supports Marleny in everything she does.

RIC: (Supporting) 30-45 yrs old, Hispanic. Ric is the owner of the boxing gym and a local legend around Marleny's neighborhood. He's also an egotistical drug peddler who needs a reality check.

NOEL: (Supporting) 18-25 yrs old, Hispanic/African American. Noel is last year's valedictorian at Marleny and T's high school and is now working at Ric's Boxing Gym as a trainer. He's instantly entranced with Marleny upon her appearance at the gym.

Production will happen over one weekend in NYC. Location is TBD.

No pay. IMDb credit, meals, and footage for reels will be provided. Film will be submitted to festivals.

All submissions & inquiries to be sent to:

 Please include headshot, resume and any possible footage. Will initially request a video audition before callbacks.