Meet Burgh! (Seed&Spark update)

Burgh is played by Ben Kaufman. You know how growing up you maybe have a picture in your head of who your perfect significant other would be, and then you meet the person you'll end up with and they're nothing like that picture but so much better? Casting Ben as Burgh was kind of like that, where we had a very specific idea of who Burgh should be. We wanted someone with a bit of different look and a bit more of a bubbly vibrance; but then Ben came in and brought his own feel to the character and it just felt right -- he felt like Burgh. He also had amazing chemistry in his callback with Christina Shea-Wright (who had already been cast as Cecilia). He brings a lot of depth and heart to his snarky one-liners. We're excited to see more of what he brings to Burgh. Watch what he has to say about the character and the film. 

More about Burgh:

Burgh is a charming prankster who works in Broadcast and is currently seeing Cassie, a local politician who also happens to be his sister Annie's nemesis.

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-Christina, Kelsey & the team