Halfway There! (Seed&Spark update)

Good evening wonderful supporters, 

We're officially halfway through our campaign and just over halfway to our goal! This couldn't be possible without every single one of you believing in us and this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let's make these next 15 days count so we can not only raise what's needed to make this film but also get enough to donate 5% of cash raised to The Trevor Project. We can only afford to do that if we reach or exceed our full goal. Let's make it happen together!

Help us reach more people who want to be part of this project by copying & pasting:

The #aboutadonkey team is halfway to their goal! Help them make a timely, inclusive comedy about family & acceptance https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/about-a-donkey

Everyone who has given $75 or more is getting a personalized thank you jingle from us (really from Kelsey, she's got the talent - I just appear for smiles and moral support)! We've started releasing them on our Facebook page. Watch an example of one below. And find yours over the next few days. 

Thank you!

Christina, Kelsey & the team