Table Read Video (Seed&Spark Update)

Good morning, 

I'm just going to start every update with THANK YOU because you're all awesome and we can't thank you enough. We're at 24% and moving at a nice pace. But getting to 30% as soon as possible is pretty key, so we're looking to reach a lot of people today!

If you missed yesterday's preview of the first scene of the film, it now lives in the media section of our campaign. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Please do share it with anyone you think might dig it too!

A few weeks back we had our first reading of the entire script. It was a very low key get-together for the cast and core crew. We recorded it for our own purposes, since Kelsey and I were still revising the script at the time. But we decided to throw together a super short highlight reel to share with you all. I doesn't reveal much, just a quick intro to the ensemble. 

We've got more videos to come! Stay tuned.