Meet Ann! (Seed&Spark update)

Yesterday we introduced you to Cecilia; today meet Ann. Ann is played by Katherine Wessling. She was actually the last actor we cast after months of auditioning. Ann is not my favorite character from an audience perspective because I don't personally identify with her as much as others. But she is my favorite from a director's point of view because she's so flawed and complex. At the start of the film, Ann can be very intense. We needed to find an actor who could bring an authenticity to her struggle and handle that drama, but also hit the comedic beats and allow the audience to sympathize with her. Katherine is such a warm and wonderful person; I think she brings a likability to the role while still fully embodying the flaws of the character. I've really enjoyed discussing who Ann is and where she's coming from with Katherine, and cannot wait to collaborate more to bring her to life on screen. Watch what Katherine has to say about her character and the film. 

More about Ann:

Ann has been battling depression for a while, which has caused her to be mostly house-ridden. Because of this, her relationship with her family has suffered. When the donkey comes into their lives she can't help but feel replaced.

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