Meet Farrah! (Seed&Spark update)

Here's our final Meet the Cast video (for now). If you missed any previous Cast videos, you can find them in the Media Section of our campaign or on our Vimeo Channel

Farrah is played by Ellen Graff. Part of our mission with this project is to be inclusive across the board, in as many ways as possible. We knew we had a bit of a challenge on our hands when we set out to cast Farrah, our grandmother of the family. A lot of people tried to convince us to cast someone middle aged and age them up with makeup; but representation and authenticity are key to our mission, so we searched far & wide for a talented age-accurate actor. Ellen was a recommendation by Peter (playing Tim), and what a recommendation she was! She came into her audition and knocked her scene out of the park. She's got such wit and class. I'm so excited to work with her and bring Farrah to life on screen. Watch what she has to say about her character and the film. 

More about Farrah:

Farrah clings to her peace and love days. She’s got that wisdom that comes from getting older and a frugal trait that comes from never relying on a significant other to provide financial security. Since the death of her wife, she has lived in the local nursing home and longs for her grandkids to have passionate, fulfilled lives.

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