Making Progress! (About a Donkey Seed&Spark Update)

The past few weeks have been very eventful for us! We applied for a post-production grant. (We're currently funding post-production out of pocket as much as we can, but hope to recoup our expenses and be able to fund future festival costs through other sources or another campaign next year.) 

We had three rough cut screenings with a few of our crew members (and spouses) to get feedback and tighten up the cut!

We shot one pickup for the film, a hand knocking on a door (with Writer Kelsey Rauber stepping in as the hand-actor)!

We gave our footage to Colorist Anna Marie Nguyen and Sound Editor/Designer Will Graham (who also recorded sound on set). 

And I (Christina) started discussing the score with our composer Alexandra Kalinowski just this morning! 

We feel we've reached Picture Lock, but we're not calling it yet until after our final feedback screening this Saturday, which will include a dozen fellow filmmakers whose inclusive perspectives we respect as both creators and viewers. 

Our goal is to have the edit locked by Sunday and then off to the next stages of Post, with our sights set on a September 20th festival deadline. 

Thanks so much for your support in getting us this far! Stay tuned for more!

Christina & the team