About a Donkey is finished! (Seed&Spark Update)

One year ago today, we launched our campaign for this film! And today is the day we finished it! It's been nine months since we wrapped principal photography, and post-production is officially done! We did it! We made a movie! Thank you, we couldn't have done it without all of you, our cast, and our crew!

To celebrate, we put together a sneak peek of a scene below that shows what post-production entails! 

Post Credits: Editing: Matt Gershowitz, Color Grading: Anna Marie Nguyen, Sound Mix & Design: Sean Mannion (Foley: Frank Huang), Musical Score: Alexandra Kalinowski

Also, we're having a cast and crew screening at Anthology Film Archives on March 10th. Anyone who contributed $100 or more received a free invite. (Please let us know if you didn't get this email.) For anyone local who wants to see the film before private links are sent out next year, you can purchase an exclusive ticket for $12 here: We have 100 seats available and are hoping to sell enough tickets to cover the cost of renting the theater. Hope you can join us! 

For anyone not local, we hope to have a festival screening near YOU sometime this year. Stay tuned for that festival news!

Thanks again for everything! 

-Christina, Kelsey & the team

About a Donkey Rough Cut! (Seed&Spark Update)

We're so excited to announce that we have a full rough cut of the film! After months of creative cutting and decision making, we have a fine cut with a runtime of 87 minutes (without credits). We're planning to screen it for some of our crew this Thursday night to get fresh feedback before diving into the sound mix, color and other finishing touches. Our goal is to have it ready for festival submissions by the end of September! 

(Me and our editor, Matt Gershowitz, finalizing the cut this past Saturday.)

(Me and our editor, Matt Gershowitz, finalizing the cut this past Saturday.)

In other news, we've been applying for grants and brainstorming on ways we could cover the costs of post-production, submissions, and eventually, deliverables. Our post crew is working deferred at the moment, but we're dead set on paying everyone something. Crowdfunding again may be the best bet down the line, but for now we're exploring other options and hope that the film and our mission will resonate with others the way it has with all of you. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Christina & the team

SUMMIT on Amazon Prime (Kickstarter Update)

As I'm now in post-production for my second feature, I've decided to experiment further with the self-distribution distribution options out there to make more informed decisions for the next time around. 

So, in addition to the original Vimeo on Demand and VHX availability, Summit is now on Amazon Prime. And it will also be streaming on Seed&Spark in July. (Seed&Spark is a streaming platform aiming to create sustainability and increase inclusion in independent cinema. Summit will specifically be part of their feminist horror channel when it premieres, but anyone who subscribes will have access to all of their hundreds of movies and series by other inclusive independent filmmakers.) 

This is as wide as we will go with the film. As I said, it's an experiment more than anything, so we're not really promoting it. But I thought I'd let you know. The film has been available as of Saturday night and has already been watched 7 full times through (with 2 others who just skimmed it, from what I can tell). We already have 2 reviews from strangers with completely opposite opinions. Having learned and grown so much in the last 5 years, it's really interesting and kind of fun reading reviews, even the nasty ones. 

Anyway, thanks again for being part of this journey. Many of you have joined us in making our future work, as well. Thank you for that! We have much more news to come!


Christina & the team