Kelsey: The Webseries

A lovely, personal piece of press

"The team at CongestedCat Productions just seem like really amazing people who want to make art that helps people and heals people and helps bring us all together for a better future, a better planet." We reached out to Ali Naro of Movies OVER The Rainbow about writing a review of About a Donkey. She ended up watching it and enjoying it enough to say she wanted to write a post about our production company as a whole. She just sent us her incredibly moving post with this message, "I sweated for 3 days trying to figure out what your films did to my brain while I struggled to write, but I ended up discovering that you did good things. The blog ended up being more a piece about how your films have helped to heal my past than about your actual films themselves. Hope you don't mind. I just wrote where the muse of your work was taking me and it was taking me on a journey to just heal." We definitely don't mind, and we’re incredibly touched by her words. Give her post a read HERE.

A new way to Watch!

We have a lot of our content (a feature, a web series, a dozen shorts) released publicly now. Maybe you want to check it all out but can't decide what to watch and in what order? Our site features projects in production order. But we recently curated our Vimeo channel albums to be by theme! So now you can find exactly what you're in the mood for quickly & easily via our content!
Check it out! We'll be building this search-ability into our site next. 

Happy Valentine's Day from CongestedCat!

Watch Short Films About Love

We're breaking our monthly newsletter formula for this month only because we think sharing and celebrating love is so important right now. Below find four of our favorite shorts about love by local filmmakers that we've screened at our monthly screening series, IndieWorks.

"La Loteria," Written & Directed by Shahir Daud/ Produced by Shivali Gulab

"July," Written & Directed by Jason Latorre/ Produced by Tara Latorre

" The Bureau of Short-Term Affairs ," Directed by Bryan Artiles/ Written & Produced by Sissy Denkova

"The Bureau of Short-Term Affairs," Directed by Bryan Artiles/ Written & Produced by Sissy Denkova

"Hungry For Love," Written & Directed by Justin Ambrosino/ Produced by Soojin Chun

And watch "Kelsey," a piece of our own content, our critically acclaimed 10 episode web series about friendship and finding love. Free on our site

And lastly, be sure to check out and support our latest creative endeavor, our second feature film, About a Donkey, currently crowdfunding for production funds. We believe this film will combat hate and spread hope. We believe it will invite people to empathize with others who may not necessarily look or live like them because, after all, love is love.  

We hope you feel love today, whether it be romantic, familial, platonic... Just love. 

'Kelsey' Invited to be Screen in Palm Springs!

There wasn't room for our series to be included in the In With The New Out Panel we've been touring with at the upcoming Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival.  But the New Media programmer enjoyed our series so much that they invited 'Kelsey' to screen in their New Media Spotlight. That'll be on September 19th. We can't afford to fly out for that, but hopefully the audience enjoys our series! Details on the screening can be found HERE.