Indiewire Project of the Week Poll Results

Thank you to all who voted for us on Indiewire! Unfortunately, we did not win. It was to be expected; we were put up against cause driven documentaries that all had already raised over $30,000. But we definitely tried hard and surprisingly gave them a real run for their money. We were winning up until just an hour before the deadline! We almost had it thanks to all the voters and link sharers, especially  Hybrid Vigor Films, who started a Twitter trend. I really appreciate all the support we got, and look forward to one day being featured on Indiewire when the film is complete. I believe it will happen. Either way though, it was an honor to be selected for Project of the Day and up against such impressive Indie films for Project of the Week. I congratulate the winner, Heartchild; it’s a wonderful cause! Best of luck to them. 

Now we still have 34 days to raise the rest of our money! So, please keep spreading the word and supporting us as much as you can. Let’s make 



Thanks and check back soon for more fun updates!


P.S. This a promise to all current backers and anyone who becomes a backer, if we get to $6,000 by Sunday, May 27th, I will put up the entire first scene of the script as an update exclusively for backers to read! Just $10 gets you the first scene of the screenplay! It’ll give you a glimpse into how the movie will begin and leave you anticipating how the story will unfold! Let’s get to $6,000 by Sunday!