Join Us on Father's Day

If you find yourself looking for something to do, on a day where typically most people aren’t available, you can join us during our short film shoot in Soho, Manhattan. It’s a great opportunity to be part of a project that will be seen by hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of people across the country. 
“Come Here Often?”, Written & Directed by Christina Raia, is an off-beat short comedy film about a young man’s endearing attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful girl in a most awkward of settings, an STD clinic. His struggle to start up a conversation is geared by his quirky yet pathetic awkwardness and his unrelenting verbal diarrhea.
Starring: Emma Barrett & Andres Monsalve
Featuring: Kelsey Lynn Stokes, Grace Loren, Mallory Wyman, and DeShane Granger.
Extras serve a crucial and necessary role in films, because they give life to a scene that otherwise would look extremely stale and boring. Anyone participating as an extra helps bring our scene to life! The film is an all day shoot, starting around 10 or 11am, with food and beverages provided to those attending throughout the day. IMDB credit may be available to those interested.