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IndieWorks - January Recap

Last Tuesday was the January edition of IndieWorks, and what a night it was. We thought the rain would keep people away; but we ended up with 80 people in house to watch our 5 films of the night and spend the evening in thoughtful discussion! Our first two films explored issues of race in contemporary America through very character focused lenses. The last three explored feelings of isolation, discontent and struggling to find fulfillment in all facets of life, with a particular focus on female friendships. Some lovely and insightful conversations came out of the lineup. We hope connections were made, as well!

We'd just like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support the filmmakers and spend the evening with us & them. We hope you'll join us again for our February screening on the 7th. 

See photos from the night:

The Films of the night:

The Visit (Directed by Shane Andries, Written & Produced by Vishwas Vishwas)
A 'brown' man with a beard finds himself caught in a dilemma when two men show up to his house looking for answers. Stereotype, victim, or perpetrator? "The Visit" is an upside-down look at present day racial realities.

Privilege (Directed & Written by Berman Fenelus)
A short film that reflects on the epidemic of police brutality in communities of people of color. The audience witnesses the effects of such an encounter when it strikes an affluent African American family who, despite their accomplishments and achievements, realize they can still fall victim to the violent world which they thought they were far removed from.

Happy Here in New York (Directed & Written by Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres, Written by Caroline Rosalino)
Best friends reunite in New York City but their friendship will never be the same.

Greener (Directed by Alessia Gatti, Written & Produced by Martha Frances Williams, Produced by Laura Vogels)
Three friends ask themselves ' can we have it all?' 

Keep Me Posted (Directed & Written by Hillary Nussbaum)
A biting look at the impact of texting and social media on our closest relationships, told through the lives of 3 female friends trying to grow up without growing apart. In the process, they grapple with everything from career crises, dating, and marriage, to self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.

Watch our Q&A Recap (shot & edited by Kimberly Drew Whiten). *Please know there are some film spoilers - feel free to look for an opportunity to catch the films at a festival or computer screen near you & then come back to watch!

The awards go to...

At the end of the evening, we announced our winning filmmakers for both Audience Choice Award & Silver Whiskers Award. The Audience Choice Award is voted upon by all those in attendance, and the Silver Whiskers Award is judged by the CongestedCat Team based on a system rating 8 categories of StoryDialogue/WritingDirectionActingCinematographySoundEditing, and Production Value. The Silver Whiskers winner goes on to screen again at our end of year Best of Fest screening next April. 

The Silver Whiskers winner also receives $50 towards a crowdfunding campaign on should they use the platform and a free Social Media audit ($200 value) from 4MileCircus

For the January 2017 lineup, our winning films were:
    Audience Choice Award:  "Happy Here in New York"
    Silver Whiskers Award:  "The Visit"

Watch the Trailer for our Silver Whiskers winner below:

IndieWorks: March 2015 Recap

Last Wednesday was the March edition of IndieWorks. We finally got some warmth in NYC and people were out enjoying the night. We still had a nice crowd at IndieWorks though, with 50-60 people in house. The lineup was truly impressive and we're so proud to have screened such a diverse group of brilliant films. The filmmakers also seemed to really connect with each other, which was truly wonderful to facilitate.

Thank you everyone who came out to support the filmmakers and spend the evening with us. We hope you enjoyed all the films and the opportunity to network with other filmmakers and film enthusiasts; and overall had as much fun as we did!

See the photos from the evening:

The films of the night:

Dollar Night (Directed by Marco Antonio Martinez)
Tells the story of Andy, a vibrant 80 year old theater projectionist whose love for cinema is tested when faced with the closing of his beloved theater.  

Mirage (Directed by Yaya Xu)
A short hybrid 2D / 3D animation, which explores the essence of memory and its significance in our lives.

Clot (Directed by Charlotte Istel)
An obsessive documenter and narrator of her own life, Lily begins taking self-portraits during a week when she seems determined to find meaning in her ever-shifting world. 

Lana (Directed by Berman Fenelus)
A story of one’s hope and the struggle to find their true self. Struggling with addiction as well as juggling the past and present.

July ( Directed by Jason Latorre)
After 6 years of waiting, Lucas leaves behind everything he promised to the person he loved. Though, on the day of his independence he can't help but be reminded of the last day he spoke of real love. 

Lolotte (Directed by Felix Thompson)
A father spends one last day with his daughter in a rundown coastal town when he dubiously comes across a large sum of money.  

The awards go to...

At the end of the evening, we announced our winning filmmakers for both Audience Choice Award & Silver Whiskers Award. The Audience Choice Award is voted upon by all those in attendance, and the Silver Whiskers Award is judged by the CongestedCat Team based on a system rating 8 categories of Story, Dialogue/Writing, Direction, Acting, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, and Production Value. It goes on to screen at our end of year Best of Fest event in April! 

The Silver Whiskers winner also receives $50 towards a crowdfunding campaign on should they use the platform, and both winners received a free 2015 subscription to Bright Ideas Magazine and have the opportunity to be interviewed for our Insider Series

For the March 2015 lineup, our winning filmmakers were:
    Audience Choice Award:  "Lana"
    Silver Whiskers Award:  "Lolotte"

See the trailers of both below:

Also, find out more about Silver Whisker's winner Felix Thompson's feature film premiering at Tribeca this year, King Jack.

We hope you'll join us to see "Lolotte" screen again with our other Silver Whiskers winners of the year at our 2nd Annual Best of Fest next month on April 8th. It's going to be one spectacular night celebrating our amazing Year 2 of IndieWorks!