seth green

#StrictlyIndie Film Views: "Sexy Evil Genuis"


Sexy Evil Genius isn't exactly genius in its approach, but is clever enough to assemble a solid ensemble cast that'll keep you entertained and intrigued in the mystery behind a woman and her entanglement of exes. 

Katee Sackhoff plays Nikki, the free spirited love lust who has brought together three of her exes for one last elaborate scheme. Zachary (Seth Green), Miranda (Michelle Trachtenberg), and Marvin (Harold Perrineau) find each other in a bar and quickly realize it isn't any ordinary meet up. Each of them think they know Nikki better than the other; and they share stories of their failed relationships. Right when they are starting to get into the thick of things, Nikki shows up with her new fiance, Bert (William Baldwin), who also happens to be her lawyer who acquitted her of murder charges. The mystery begins to unravel, and the characters learn that Nikki hasn't brought them together to simply celebrate her engagement. She wants revenge.

       One of the common and, unfortunately, overused threads in the film is the need to constantly pull information and character development from flashbacks when the characters are in the present conversing about past memories. Some are nice visual representations; but the majority of the flashbacks are unnecessary. The rest of the film takes place in real time and is the driving force that keeps you involved. It's the characters' relationships, witty banter and eclectic personalities that will have you engaged and anticipating what will happen next. 

      If you're into mystery, romance and thrills, this might be a fun movie to put on when you're growing tiresome of the same rows of films that pop up in your Netflix instant queue.


Review by Ryan Kramer