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Happy Valentine's Day from CongestedCat!

Watch Short Films About Love

We're breaking our monthly newsletter formula for this month only because we think sharing and celebrating love is so important right now. Below find four of our favorite shorts about love by local filmmakers that we've screened at our monthly screening series, IndieWorks.

"La Loteria," Written & Directed by Shahir Daud/ Produced by Shivali Gulab

"July," Written & Directed by Jason Latorre/ Produced by Tara Latorre

" The Bureau of Short-Term Affairs ," Directed by Bryan Artiles/ Written & Produced by Sissy Denkova

"The Bureau of Short-Term Affairs," Directed by Bryan Artiles/ Written & Produced by Sissy Denkova

"Hungry For Love," Written & Directed by Justin Ambrosino/ Produced by Soojin Chun

And watch "Kelsey," a piece of our own content, our critically acclaimed 10 episode web series about friendship and finding love. Free on our site

And lastly, be sure to check out and support our latest creative endeavor, our second feature film, About a Donkey, currently crowdfunding for production funds. We believe this film will combat hate and spread hope. We believe it will invite people to empathize with others who may not necessarily look or live like them because, after all, love is love.  

We hope you feel love today, whether it be romantic, familial, platonic... Just love. 

CongestedCat Screening Recap

We take May off from IndieWorks every year to transition to the new season in June, so we decided to use the break to have a screening of our own work this year. Last night we premiered our newest short (alongside 4 other recents shorts) and our new pilot. It was a room of mostly cast & crew, where we got to celebrate and enjoy our work together. Unfortunately, quite a few team & crew members couldn't make it due to work commitments. But they were there in spirit! It was a truly lovely evening. Hopefully we'll get to screen both new projects for audiences at festivals later this year!