About A Donkey

About a Donkey on Amazon!

In addition to being on Vimeo on Demand and Seed&Spark, our second feature About a Donkey is now on Amazon! If Amazon Prime is your preferred platform, we'd love it if you left us a review on our Amazon page after watching so that we'll be able to reach strangers who may never know about the film without it showing up in search results (which reviews help make happen).

About a Donkey streaming on Seed&Spark!

As of today, our 2nd feature film is not only on Vimeo on Demand, but also on Seed&Spark's streaming platform. Seed&Spark has a pay what you wish model, starting at $3 per month. That one fee gives subscribers unlimited access to over 300 streaming films and series! Why not give it a shot for a month and watch About a Donkey (and other excellent, inclusive content by other independent creators) via desktop or Roku app. What’s especially great about this platform is that creators make money per minute watched!

Our day was made when we received the below message through our website! <3