We Had Plans (2014)

Diana and Liz are two adult sisters who love and respect each other more than anyone else in the world. However, when Liz decides she needs to break a promise she made for the benefit of her own future, Diana has to decide whether or not she can accept Liz’s choice.

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Director's Statement

Inspired by a real life conversation with Writer Kelsey Rauber's own sister, what I found resonated with me was the broader thematic elements of choice and expectation. With this film, I wanted to tell a story in a limited space, with limited time, with limited distraction from the core of the story; just two women having an intimate & heated discussion, the magnitude of which is bigger than the film it exists within. The idea of choice, or lack thereof, is something so key to being a contemporary woman, but something so rarely explored in film, especially in this unique, subversive context. I hope the film feels both authentic and specific, while also open to interpretation. -Christina Raia


Director, Producer:
Christina Raia

Writer, Producer:
Kelsey Rauber

Peter Westervelt

Jordan Roberts


Lauren A. Kennedy
Gwen Albers

Behind the Scenes

Screenings & Awards

2015 NYC PictureStart Film Festival

2015 HollyShorts Screening Series

2015 Directed by Women

2015 NewFilmmakers NY

2016 Queens World Film Festival - *Nominated Best Ensemble

2016 Fem/Cine/Anarchy

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