Kelsey, the webseries

It's taken a while for us to update about "Kelsey" but I figure today is a good day because we have a lot of exciting news! We wrapped production on the 1st season on July 29th! We shot all 10 episodes in 15 shooting days; the average episode length is 7 minutes. We released our promo trailer for the series 2 weeks ago on our Vimeo channel and it has gotten 2,383 full plays as of this evening!



The trailer has also been uploaded to our Facebook page and has received 51 Likes and who knows how many plays! Our trailer was featured this week on both &, and got really awesome comments like "Kelsey looks pretty funny and awkward. Right up my alley!" & "I'm game for some Kelsey. Bring it on." Unfortunately, the majority of comments were about how much lead actress Nichole Yannetty looks like Maya Rudolph. But hey, at least they're all engaging with the trailer! I'm sure those kinds of comments will increase as our numbers increase. But hopefully, with each episode, that'll become less of a focal point and the comments will be more about how hilarious and talented Nichole is, and how enjoyable the show is as a whole!   

We put the trailer on Youtube yesterday and the numbers & likes are still modest, but sure to rise this week. There are more exciting press features and news to announce this week as well!  

We have picture lock on the first 3 episodes & we finally nailed down our theme song. We're sure to make more progress in the next couple weeks and simply cannot wait to premiere the 1st episode on September 10th! So be sure to tune in on (site still in construction). And Like the series on Facebook & Follow on Twitter for updates everday on our post-producton progress and inside info when episodes air!