Get Your Tickets for the World Premiere of Summit!

June is upon us, which means the Summit World Premiere at the Manhattan Film Festival is just 2.5 weeks away! If you need a reason to purchase your ticket(s) to the screening on the 18th at 7pm, I'll give you five:

1. It's an entertaining & interesting movie, both as a genre film & a drama, with a lot of nuance to just sit back & enjoy or analyze the crap out of.
2. My team & I have spent over 3 years working on it, during ridiculously long hours, in extreme weather conditions, on no pay, just to bring the film to fruition. That kind of hard work & dedication deserve an audience.
3. It was the biggest learning experience for me as a filmmaker, and if you've been following my career and particularly the saga of Shooting Summit, you can't miss the final product of it all. If you're an indie filmmaker who hasn't made a feature yet in particular, I think it's a great opportunity to learn from my mistakes.
4. Although it's hard for me to avoid only seeing the flaws after 2 years of post-production, it's a project I'm incredibly proud of and one I really want to share with you. It has some of my favorite moments on screen as a director and you won't want to miss those. (Plus it's not all about me; there's a lot of talent on that screen that I cannot take credit for & deserves attention in its own right.)
5. The Manhattan Film Festival is unique in its revenue sharing option, where it allows filmmakers to profit 50% of the ticket sales they sell directly. So not only would you get to finally watch this film and support the work of the people whose literal blood, sweat & tears went into making it, but you'd also be helping me earn back the almost $10,000 (via credit cards & loans) I personally put into the film; and you'd be supporting the sustainability of indie film as not just art, but an actual profitable career.

Thank you to everyone who buys a ticket & spreads the word, and thank you to my team! Purchase Tickets: