We're having a hard time articulating the way we feel right now. Christina gave it a shot at the end of her last update. What we know is that we're determined to combat the hate that now leads our nation by using our voices and creative content to spread empathy and inclusivity. (And we'll be working like hell individually and collectively to keep people paying attention once he's in office in an effort to keep people woke enough to vote in 2018.)

We weren't able to go to today's march against Trump. But we were able to attend yesterday's Love Rally, where we marched from Washington Square Park to Union Square in solidarity with other New Yorkers who believe in fighting for true equality. 

Being surrounded by love & inclusivity and getting to chant #lovetrumpshate and #blacklivesmatter and #mybodymychoice and #gayrightsarehumanrightsand #transrightsarehumanrights and #muslimlivesmatter and #latinolivesmatter and #refugeesarewelcomehere and #notmypresident and #thisiswhatdemocracylookslikegave gave us such strength for the fight ahead. Thank you everyone who's organizing and joining. We'll be hitting the streets to peacefully and powerfully protest at the next opportunity.