Vote for the 10th Film to Screen at IndieWorks Best of Fest (Year 4)!

March 7th concluded our monthly screenings for the 4th year of IndieWorks; and now our Best of Fest is just around the corner on April 18th! The event will feature the 9 Silver Whiskers Award Winners of the year, plus a 10th Audience Chosen film.

Before each Best of Fest, we select three films to compete for the last spot at the screening and encourage the audience to choose the winning film. This allows the community to participate in our selection process and the public to see a few of the best of the total 47 films screened this year, building up to our celebratory finale! 

All three of these selected films did exceptionally well in the Audience Choice voting and were high contenders for the Silver Whiskers at their respective screenings. We also feel that they reflect the diverse & innovative approach to visual storytelling that we aim to support and showcase at IndieWorks.

Please watch all three films and VOTE BELOW for the ONE you'd like to see screen with the Silver Whiskers Award winners of the year at Best of Fest.


The winning film announced HERE. Feel free to watch the trailers for the selected films below. See you at Best of Fest!