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Hello my awesomely amazing backers! I hope your day is going well. Thanks to all of you, we made it past 40% funded last night! And we’re hoping to make it to 50% by this Sunday! By 4:30pm today we’ll be halfway through our campaign and will have to work extra hard to keep the momentum going and reach new people! So please, if you have not yet, share our page with your network of people, and tell specific people you know about it. If you know someone particularly into the Horror genre or someone who really loves indie film or someone who has slightly deeper pockets than others you know and who likes to support young people being productive and shooting for their dreams, then please, start a conversation with them. The more exposure the project gains, the more likely the project is to succeed; that means that we’ll be able to make this movie, you’ll be able to watch it and you’ll receive your cool rewards!

Also, hopefully something that will gain more exposure, Writer & Indie Film appreciator, Nick Gauthier, approached me last week about doing an article He interviewed me a few days ago and posted the article this morning! Check it out HERE

And thanks again for your pledges! It truly means the world to me to have such wonderful people interested in supporting both me and this film! 


Oh and don’t forget my backer promise: if we get to $6,000 by Sunday, May 27th, I will put up the entire first scene of the script as an update exclusively for backers to read! Just $10 gets you the first scene of the screenplay! It’ll give you a glimpse into how the movie will begin and leave you anticipating how the story will unfold! Please spread the word. Let’s get to $6,000 by Sunday!