Dear backers,

We have a little less than an hour left and we’ve made our goal! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for backing SUMMIT! Whether you backed because you know & support me or one of the cast or crew members, or because you connected with me or this film or just this campaign in some way, I truly, truly cannot thank you enough. You were all so wonderful to step up and contribute what you could. I simply cannot express in words how truly grateful I am to all of you for making this goal happen. Getting this money and being able to make this film means the world to me and I only got there because of you, each and every one of you. Every pledge, big or small, made a difference. So again, thank you so much for helping fund this film! I’ll never forget your generosity. I’ll never forget a single word of support & encouragement. You have all truly touched & inspired me. I promise we’ll keep you updated as much as possible! And the 2 update promises are on the way; we’ll post them as soon as we can!

Thank you again, everyone. We made this goal happen together and now we’ll be able to move forward & begin production! Let’s make SUMMIT happen! 

- Christina