About a Donkey streaming on Seed&Spark!

As of today, our 2nd feature film is not only on Vimeo on Demand, but also on Seed&Spark's streaming platform. Seed&Spark has a pay what you wish model, starting at $3 per month. That one fee gives subscribers unlimited access to over 300 streaming films and series! Why not give it a shot for a month and watch About a Donkey (and other excellent, inclusive content by other independent creators) via desktop or Roku app. What’s especially great about this platform is that creators make money per minute watched!

Our day was made when we received the below message through our website! <3


Christina Discusses her Career with The Creative Outsiders

Christina got to sit down with The Creative Outsiders, a podcast highlighting Women in Film. 

On the Episode:

  • How she stays creative and inspired as a filmmaker?
  • Why writing groups are important for screenwriters?
  • Where filmmakers go wrong with crowdfunding?
  • How can horror films have a message?
  • Identifying who you are as a filmmaker?

Skip the bio intro & listen at 1:55.

She was also on the Horrible Imaginings podcast discussing crowdfunding and an opportunity for genre filmmakers through her work at Seed&Spark. 

About a Donkey Rough Cut! (Seed&Spark Update)

We're so excited to announce that we have a full rough cut of the film! After months of creative cutting and decision making, we have a fine cut with a runtime of 87 minutes (without credits). We're planning to screen it for some of our crew this Thursday night to get fresh feedback before diving into the sound mix, color and other finishing touches. Our goal is to have it ready for festival submissions by the end of September! 

(Me and our editor, Matt Gershowitz, finalizing the cut this past Saturday.)

(Me and our editor, Matt Gershowitz, finalizing the cut this past Saturday.)

In other news, we've been applying for grants and brainstorming on ways we could cover the costs of post-production, submissions, and eventually, deliverables. Our post crew is working deferred at the moment, but we're dead set on paying everyone something. Crowdfunding again may be the best bet down the line, but for now we're exploring other options and hope that the film and our mission will resonate with others the way it has with all of you. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Christina & the team

Two Minute “About a Donkey” Preview (Seed&Spark Update)

Good morning wonderful supporters!

We've made it to 20%! And in under 48 hours! We're aiming for 30% before midnight tonight. Hopefully releasing this two minute preview of the opening scene of the film will help us reach more people. Watch below. Hope you enjoy it! It's two minutes of a nine minute scene that we shot in preparation for this campaign. Please note that this is a rough sound mix and color. We won't have the real post-production work done until after we shoot the rest of the film, which we can't do without making our goal!

Spread it far and wide. Here's a sample tweet or post: 

Watch a preview of the opening scene of #aboutadonkey: Then join in making the rest of this inclusive, comedy film!

We put out a new batch of donkey thank yous on our Facebook page. More coming soon!

-Christina, Kelsey & the team