New SUMMIT Review & Amazon Update

SUMMIT being on Amazon now resulted in a brand new review! Based on a pronoun used at the end of the review, it seems the writer either didn't actually understand the reveal he's critiquing or he's making a tongue in cheek comment. (Probably the latter but it's a weird and confusing choice for a review.) Still though, it's mostly positive! "Raia proves herself to be a quick — hell, an immediate — study when it comes to the little things that make a big difference : the various explorations of the cabin that our erstwhile “heroes” undertake are uniformly well-shot and reasonably fraught with tension (even if there’s no real payoff to be had from any of them), the “driving-around-lost” scenes are very nicely-executed indeed, and small, seemingly throwaway plot points are revisited later with near-devastating effect. All in all this is smart stuff that rewards viewers who pay careful attention to even the most minor goings-on..."

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In other news, today makes officially 4 weeks SUMMIT has been on Amazon Prime. Amazon's profit sharing is definitely not meant to benefit or create sustainability for the filmmakers at 15 cents per hour watched in the US (& 6 cents internationally), so nothing to be excited about there. BUT there is some legit discoverability. We haven't shared the link beyond telling existing supporters in two updates. It seems the film just gets daily traffic from within Amazon's search features. 

For a no-budget feature with no name/brand recognition, that's pretty cool. Amazon doesn't share extensive data. So we can't tell if that 121,814 minutes watched is 121,814 individual people only watching one minute of the film, 1,522 people watching the entire thing, or somewhere in between. I hope it's closer to less people watching it all though! (We've gotten 5 viewer reviews, so that's at least 5 full watches, haha. I assume more since it's a rare type of person, I think, who chooses to write a review after watching something with no personalized motivation to do so.)

I don't regret releasing it initially on Vimeo on Demand and VHX 2 years ago and driving traffic to those sources. It is very hard to get people to pay to watch one film and we may have only gotten 74 total rentals or sales between the two, but it was basically for everyone who had been anticipating the film for 3 years outside of the 150+ backers who got a free copy via our Kickstarter rewards and the 100+ friends & family who came to our NY premiere. Without a marketing budget, I knew we needed to make the most out of the following we had built through pre-production and the festival run. Releasing it pay per play at first made sense since we made more at 90% of a $2.99 rental or $9.99 purchase than if each of those people just watched it on Prime (which would've resulted in less than 20 cents per view). Now that I and the team have moved beyond wanting to share & promote it constantly, it's nice that it can be discovered by indie genre fans already paying for streaming services. 

I'm curious to see how it continues to do on the platform and on Seed&Spark next month! 

SUMMIT on Amazon Prime (Kickstarter Update)

As I'm now in post-production for my second feature, I've decided to experiment further with the self-distribution distribution options out there to make more informed decisions for the next time around. 

So, in addition to the original Vimeo on Demand and VHX availability, Summit is now on Amazon Prime. And it will also be streaming on Seed&Spark in July. (Seed&Spark is a streaming platform aiming to create sustainability and increase inclusion in independent cinema. Summit will specifically be part of their feminist horror channel when it premieres, but anyone who subscribes will have access to all of their hundreds of movies and series by other inclusive independent filmmakers.) 

This is as wide as we will go with the film. As I said, it's an experiment more than anything, so we're not really promoting it. But I thought I'd let you know. The film has been available as of Saturday night and has already been watched 7 full times through (with 2 others who just skimmed it, from what I can tell). We already have 2 reviews from strangers with completely opposite opinions. Having learned and grown so much in the last 5 years, it's really interesting and kind of fun reading reviews, even the nasty ones. 

Anyway, thanks again for being part of this journey. Many of you have joined us in making our future work, as well. Thank you for that! We have much more news to come!


Christina & the team