IndieWorks: September Series (webseries month)

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IndieWorks screens short films produced by emerging filmmakers throughout New York. It provides a platform for those filmmakers to showcase their work in front of an audience and to network with individuals in the local film community.

Free entry! Doors open at 6:30pm. Screening starts at 7:30pm and lasts roughly 2 hours. But stay as late as you'd like!

Come out for a fun night of film watching and networking. Discover shorts, Find an audience & Build the local film community!

The night's line-up:

Missed Connections (4:10)
Created by: Freddi Scheib 

Concrete Jungle (7:30)
Created by: Steven Cartoccio 

Ms. Monologue (5:15)
Created by: Latresa Baker 

*Q&A with 1st Set of Filmmakers

The Neighborhood (5:40
Created by: James Manzello 

Anthology (4:09)
Created by: Ashley Denise 

Stay at Home (9:00)
Created by: Ben Jaeger-Thoma & Liam G. Billingham 

*Q&A with 2nd Set of Filmmakers

This month is a special showcase of NYC based Web series. We're also premiering the CongestedCat Productions produced series, "Kelsey", out of competition 1 week before the online premiere!

21 to drink, 18 to enter.
More info:

Started by Christina Raia, Run by CongestedCat Productions, LLC. & Hosted by Lauren A Kennedy & Tony Curtis.

Stick around after the event for drinks while networking with the filmmakers and CongestedCat team! 

Follow us on twitter @CongestedCat

*"Anthology" won the Silver Whiskers Award

*"Concrete Jungle" won Audience Choice