IndieWorks: Best of Fest!

IndieWorks screens short films produced by emerging filmmakers throughout New York. It provides a platform for those filmmakers to showcase their work in front of an audience and to network with individuals in the local film community. 

We host one screening every month (June - March) of approximately 6 short films, and 1 film is given the 'Silver Whiskers Award' based on an 8 category system (described on our site).

Then in April, all 9 Silver Whisker winners of the year, along with 1 lucky Audience Choice winner will screen and be eligible for monetary prizes! 

There's no entry fee, so bring all your friends and film enthusiasts. We're even giving out a prize to an audience member through a free raffle, and every single person that attends will receive 250 free sparks onSeed&Spark (enough to watch a feature film)!

As always, we'll be screening at the wonderful People's Lounge in the Lower Eastside. But for this special event, we'll have access to both floors and a 3rd screen! 

Sponsors: Seed&Spark, Indiewood_Hollywoodn't & People Lounge

 Line-up (screening order subject to change):

La Solitaria (17:35)
Director: Nelson Isava (January Winner)

The Third One This Week (4:00)
Director: Felix Thompson (July Winner)

Prom Night (8:00)
Director: Celia Rowlson-Hall (August Winner)

Guides (17:09) 
Director: Dani Tenenbaum (November Winner)

Worlds We Created (9:33) 
Director: Nicholas Santos (March Winner)

-5 minute intermission

The Sucker (14:00)
Director: Katie Carman (June Winner)

Future Perfect (14:00)
Director: Liam Billingham (Audience Choice Winner) 

Anthology (4:09)
Director: Ashley Denise (September Winner) 

The Secret Friend (15:30)
Director: Flavio Alves (October Winner)

La Loteria (8:30)
Director: Shahir Daud (February Winner)

*Award Ceremony: There will be 2 winners of the night, the Golden Whiskers winner and Audience Choice winner. Both will receive monetary prizes. 

There will be no Q&A at this event, so be sure to attend our monthly screenings for more engagement with filmmakers. Also, check out our Insider Series interviews with the winning filmmakers:

Doors open at 6:30pm. Red carpet photos available at 7pm & during intermission. Screening starts at 7:30pm and lasts roughly 2 hours. But stay as late as you'd like! We encourage mingling & networking after the screening in order to spark collaboration & support.

Food & drink specials all night! 2 drink minimum is suggested but not enforced. It's just a thank you to the bar for hosting us. 

Come out for a fun night of film watching and networking. Discover shorts, Find an audience & Build the local film community!

21 to drink, 18 to enter.
More info or to submit a film:

Started by Christina Raia in April 2013, currently run by the CongestedCat Productions, LLC. team & Hosted by Lauren A. Kennedy & Tony Curtis. Our first screening of each year is in June 2013. Our annual Best of Fest featuring Silver Whisker Winners of the year is in April. 

Follow us on twitter @CongestedCat

*Guides won the Golden Whiskers Award, making it the Best of Fest winner for Year 1 of IndieWorks. 

*La Loteria won the Ultimate Audience Choice Award for Year 1 of Indieworks.