IndieWorks: August Series

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IndieWorks screens short films produced by emerging filmmakers throughout New York. It provides a platform for those filmmakers to showcase their work in front of an audience and to network with individuals in the local film community. 

It also allows other filmmakers to engage in thoughtful Q&A's with the featured filmmakers of the evening. 

Free entry! Doors open at 6:30pm. Screening starts at 7:30pm and lasts roughly 2 hours. But stay as late as you'd like! We encourage mingling & networking after the screening in order to spark collaboration & support.

The night's line-up (order subject to change):

August Heat (10:20)
Directed by Matthew Thompson 

Multiverse (8:40)
Directed by Michael DiBiasio 

Money Box (5:00)
Directed by Muzappar Osman

*Intermission and Q&A with 1st Set of Filmmakers 


Protestors (9:55)
Directed by Marty Lang 

Downtown (3:00)
Directed by Jaclyn Gramigna 

Schlock Fish (6:55)
Directed by Esteban Uribe 

*Q&A with 2nd Set of Filmmakers. Followed by voting for Audience Choice winner. Silver Whiskers Winner (Best of Fest) & Audience Choice Selection announced at the end of the night.

Come out for a fun night of film watching and networking. Discover shorts, Find an audience & Build the local film community!

21 to drink, 18 to enter. 2 drink minimum is suggested but not enforced. It's just a thank you to the bar for hosting us. 
More info or to submit a film:

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Started by Christina Raia in April 2013, currently run by the CongestedCat Productions, LLC. team & Hosted by Lauren A. Kennedy & Tony Curtis. Our first screening was June 2013. Our annual Best of Fest featuring Silver Whisker Winners of the year was in April 2014. June started our new year.

*Money Box won Silver Whiskers

*Schlock Fish won Audience Choice