IndieWorks: 5th Annual Best of Fest!


IndieWorks screens short films produced by emerging filmmakers throughout New York. It provides a platform for those filmmakers to showcase their work in front of an audience and to network with individuals in the local film community. 

We host one screening every month (June - March) of approximately 5 short films, and 1 film is given the 'Silver Whiskers Award' every month. Then in April, all the Silver Whisker winners of the year come back to screen again and are eligible for monetary prizes! This event is our Best of Fest!

There's NO ENTRY FEE, so bring all your friends and film enthusiasts. 

Doors open at 6:30pm. Step & Repeat photos available from 6:30 to 7pm and after the show. Screening starts at 7pm on the dot and lasts roughly 2.5 hours. But stay as late as you'd like! We encourage mingling & networking after the screening in order to spark collaboration & support. 

Line-up (screening order subject to change): 

The Orange Story (17:29) (*June Winner) 
Directed & Written by Erika Street Hopman, Written & Produced by Eugene Sun Park

Sundogs (15:55) (*December Winner)
Written & Directed by Elizabeth Chatelain

Rooftops of My City (15:13) (*February Winner)
Written & Directed by Maya Jasmin

Chocolates (15:13) (*March Winner)
Written & Produced by Patricia Selznick, Directed by Mike Cattelona

Sibs (15:10) (*Audience Choice)
Directed by Cynthia Silver, Written by Samantha Slater

-10 minute intermission

Runaway (19:37) (*November Winner)
Written & Co-Directed by Harrison Heller, Co-Directed by Tommy Kraft

Meeting Macguffin (9:58) (*Audience Choice)
Written & Directed by Catya Plate

Cake (9:22) (*January Winner)
Written & Directed by Anne Hu

Madness (11:00) (*August Winner)
Written & Directed by TJ Choi

Smile (3:12) (*October Winner)
Directed by Bill Kirstein, Written & Produced by Bill Kirstein & Ginny Leise

*Award Ceremony: There will be 6 winners of the night: the top Golden Whiskers Award (Best Picture), category winners of Best Director, Best Ensemble Performance, Best Cinematography, & Best Editing, and an Audience Choice winner. All will receive monetary prizes from our sponsorsSeed&Spark and 4milecircus

Q&A's are a staple of our screening series. However, since this is our Best of Fest re-screening of films, there will be no Q&A at this event. So check out our Q&A recap videos from the monthly screenings on our site to see these filmmakers discuss their films. And be sure to attend our monthly screenings in the future for more engagement with filmmakers. Tonight will be less focused on discussion and more of a celebration of this year of films and the amazing filmmakers we featured & connected with. 

Come out for a fun & free night of film watching and networking. Discover shorts, Find an audience, Build the local film community! More info or to submit a film:

Started by Christina Raia in April 2013, currently run by the CongestedCat Productions LLC team, and Hosted by Ricardo Manigat & Latresa Baker. Our first screening was in June 2013, we're currently wrapping up Year 5!

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